Does he love me? 5 signs to look for

does he love me? yes!

Whether you’re in one of those on-again-off-again flings, or simply feel that you’re being kept in the dark about your partner’s feelings, it’s very natural to want the answer to the question, ‘Does he love me?’.

EliteSingles’ Partner Psychologist Sam Owen says it’s surprisingly easy to discover whether your partner sees you in his future plans – you just need to know the 5 signs… Here’s how to know when he’s just that into you!

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1. His plans include you

When the weekend rolls around, has your man already locked in plans to spend time with you, or has he prioritised events with friends, leaving you only as a back-up option? Owen explains that if a guy is upfront about making plans that include you, then ‘’this is a sign he’s more into your partnership than single life and often means he’s really into you.’ So if you want to know if your relationship is on solid ground, just take a look at your calendar; mutual plans spell great news for the longevity of your partnership.

2. You’ve become each others’ plus ones

If you’re often accompanying him to events, that’s another sign that things are looking good between the two of you. Owen suggests that the answer to, ‘Does he love me?’, is easily answered if you look at whether you’re included in his family and friends’ events. She explains, ’It shows [he’s] ready to announce to the world that you’re a team’. After all, why would he bother intergrating you into his world if he couldn’t see the possibility of a long-term commitment?

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3. He lets you into his life

If you’re still asking yourself, ‘Does he love me?’, take a look at whether he really lets you into his life. Do you know how he spends his days? Does he share his things with you? According to Owen this willingness to open up is a huge indicator that your man is is ready for a lasting, committed relationship with you. ‘’If they offer you things like a key to their house…you know they’re getting serious!’’ says Owen.

4. He listens to you – really listens

When you’re telling an anecdote or expressing your emotions about something, does your partner really pay attention to what you’re saying? Maybe he presents you a thoughful gift when you’re feeling down, or simply recalls little details from a story you once told – gestures like this means he actively listens to you. Being present with you when you’re talking and really listening is his way of demonstrating his love for you, and is a significant sign that he sees you in his future plans.

5. He’s by your side for both the good AND bad

We’ve all seen the films – couples fall in love when the sun is shining and everything’s going fine and dandy! But what happens when the clouds close in? Rather than running for the hills, a man who is serious about the relationship will stick around when the going gets tough. Owen explains that if the man you’re dating is ”really present when it comes to low points…they want a long-term relationship with you.’’ If he comes to your aid when you need him and allows you to do the same for him, there’s no need to ask, ‘Does he love me?’ – it’s obvious that he is that into you.

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EliteSingles editorial, February 2015.

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