First date tips for Irish singles: settle those nerves and find love!

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The couples we create are diverse and from all across Ireland but they do have one thing in common: their lives together start with an EliteSingles first date. Ready for your next big dating adventure? Then why not join EliteSingles today? Or, for advice on how to have better first dates, keep reading.

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The 3 biggest tips for better first dates:

So, you’ve discovered an amazing person on EliteSingles. They like your dating profile, you like theirs, you’ve seen each other’s photos and you’ve exchanged some very promising messages. Now all that’s left is to meet for the big first date. It’s only natural to feel a bit nervous (after all, this could be the start of something wonderful), which is why it helps to arm yourself with the right dating advice. Fortunately, there are just a few more things that both men and women need to remember in order to have the perfect first date:

Tip 1: Pick a dating destination that helps you feel at ease

The first date hurdle to overcome is big one: the venue. The best rule to follow here is simple, pick somewhere that is going to make you feel comfortable. This could be restaurant or café, museum or gallery, the important thing to focus on is finding a dating venue that gives you the best chance of feeling relaxed.
That said, coffee is always a great idea for a first date. It’s comfortable, it’s in a public place, and it is convivial, rain or shine (a useful feature for anyone dating during an Irish winter!) It’s little wonder, really, that over 60% of EliteSingles women would pick a café for an ideal first date!1

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Tip 2: Communicate, communicate, communicate

If you’re really enjoying your date’s company, then make sure to let them know! Pop culture never tires of portraying amazing first dates as giddy evenings where the conversation flows without interruption, but here’s the thing: in real life, it’s only too easy to get tongue-tied. You can still have an amazing date; it might just require a little prep work.

Let’s face it, meeting someone new – even someone you’ve got to know through online messages – can be slightly awkward. It’s not always easy to banter with a stranger, after all! The best tip to overcome any shyness? Shift the focus and try asking your date some questions that you’re genuinely interested in. You get some great insight into their personality and they’ll feel flattered by the attention. It’s win-win!

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Tip 3. Let things develop at their own pace

You can prepare and prepare for a date and still forget the biggest dating tip: that you have to let your time together unfold naturally. It’s vital to try and keep a lid on any nerves or grand daydreams – after all, your first date has a much greater chance of leading to a second if you take it easy, relax and try not to worry about the future.

Another perk of being in the moment is that it leaves you free to give your date your undivided attention and thus work out whether you really are compatible. Remember that this interaction can be physical as well as verbal – if your date is fiddling with their hair or playing with their tie, chances are that they might just be flirting. Now there’s a great first date!

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1 EliteSingles ‘First Dates’ survey, 2013

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