Acing your first romantic holiday: The top dos and don’ts

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Going on holiday for the first time with your new partner can be the perfect way to connect. Here some top tips to help you have fun in the sun!

They say going away with your new partner can make or break your relationship – a daunting prospect for many couples. But it certainly doesn’t need to be intimidating and in fact can be the perfect opportunity to bring you closer together. With the help of our EliteSingles psychologist, Salama Marine, here are some dos and don’ts to ensure your first romantic holiday is a success.

Romantic holidays can help build and strengthen your relationship as a whole. According to Salama, ‘Holidays are a good opportunity for couples to take stock and reassess their relationship back home. Discussing your everyday life from a distance, particularly while relaxed on holiday, enables a constructive conversation and ultimately assists in building a strong foundation between you.’ Romantic breaks then, are not only a chance for you as a couple to reconnect, but can be used as an opportunity to enhance your relationship when you’re back in your everyday lives.

Feeling the pressure? Whether you’re planning a city break, a week on the beach or a cultural excursion, here are some top tips to guarantee a smooth sailing romantic holiday.

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1. Do pick a new holiday destination – Find a place that neither of you have visited before that caters to your mutual interests. You don’t want to return to a place that you visited with your friends on a wild weekend away because you’ll constantly be comparing it and feel like you’re showing your partner around. Instead create new memories collectively by discovering the place together.

2. Do plan the holiday together – When going abroad with a new partner you want to ensure that the destination complements both your interests. Inevitably these could be different. This isn’t a problem though! Naturally, couples holidays involve compromise and actually this will be a good chance for you to know what to expect from the trip, with no nasty surprises (when he reveals he wants to go hiking every day and you’ve only brought flipflops).

3. Do try a new activity together – Couples holidays are the perfect opportunity for you to try something different – have you ever been intrigued by surfing or water skiing? Now’s your chance to try it! You will both bond over the new venture and it will bring you closer together and provide an exciting joint memory.

4. Do spend some time apart – Spending 24/7 with someone is intense in any situation and it is natural for you both to become irritable with one another. In order to avoid unnecessary arguments, it is healthy to spend some time apart while on holiday, you need to let each other breathe. As Salama suggests, ‘Although holidays are a great chance for the two of you to connect, it is important that you don’t forget to look after yourself. Devote a little time to an activity that you enjoy independently.’ Why not try a solitary morning stroll on the beach or head to the market to do some shopping and then when you next see your partner you’ll feel refreshed and excited to spend time with them again.


1. Don’t forget to pack medicines – Lovely as going abroad is, unfortunately most of us encounter sunburn, a typical holiday illness or some pesky mosquitoes out to ruin the romance. It’s not sexy but it’s good to be prepared if this situation arises. Bring the essential holiday medicines to avoid a sticky situation and keep the trip running smoothly.

2. Don’t spend your entire holiday on your phone – There’s nothing worse than missing the moment around you because you’re both glued to your phones. Obviously there are times where we all need to check our emails but keep it to a minimum on your trip. Whatever’s taking place at home can wait – you’re away together, enjoy it!

3. Don’t be surprised if you bicker occasionally – According to Salama, ‘When planning a romantic holiday, couples tend to set their expectations too high. In order to avoid disappointment, it helps to be realistic – there will inevitably be struggles and disagreements and that’s completely natural.’ It’s true– everybody squabbles with their partner on holiday – it’s inevitable when you’re spending such concentrated time with someone. Undoubtedly, you’ll kiss and make up in no time.

4. Don’t be afraid of getting lost – One of the best parts of being on holiday with your partner is the freedom you have in orchestrating your trip. Free from the responsibilities of home, you can let yourselves spend a lazy afternoon getting lost in the myriad of streets of your destination. Ditch the map and spend a day exploring together.

So for all those embarking on a romantic holiday with their new partner this summer, these are some top tips to help you on your way but ultimately just relax and enjoy your time together!

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