Turning up the heat: Waterford singles exposed as Ireland’s most lustful!

Ireland's horniest singles infograph

When considering sexy accents, the Irish come out on top but how eager are they actually when it comes to sex? A new study of 32,000 people showed that Ireland’s horniest singles are in Waterford while Galway’s singles are left out in the cold!

We looked at anonymous user data in response to the statement; ‘I have a strong desire for sex’ and discovered Waterford trumped the land!

Boasting two stunning mountain ranges, countless rivers and even white sand beaches, Waterford is undeniably beautiful and perhaps getting close to nature also has Waterford’s singles getting closer to each other!

So while Waterford’s singles hold the title for having Ireland’s biggest libidos, honourable mention goes to Wicklow and Dublin who made second and third place respectively, also valuing time spent between the sheets.

Where to find Ireland’s MOST amorous singles:

  1. Waterford
  2. Wicklow
  3. Dublin
  4. Kildare
  5. Cork
  6. Tipperary
  7. Leitrim
  8. Meath
  9. Wexford
  10. Galway

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