Code of conduct

Appropriate use of ELITESINGLES
In daily life courtesy is taken for granted. In the anonymity of the internet, occasionally some users forget the importance of maintaining such behaviour. Dating is, of course, a very personal matter. As such, ELITESINGLES has summarised the key guidelines for appropriate behaviour on our site.

1. Choice of username
Please use your first name when registering to encourage a personal approach between members. Member profiles with usernames containing words considered offensive or inappropriate, or in violation of the law, are excluded. Registering with multiple member accounts is strictly prohibited.

2. Profile pictures
On your profile you should upload a picture of yourself. Please observe the following rules when doing so:
Firstly, the picture must be clear in its depiction of you. The use of nude or pornographic pictures, or images displaying physical or sexual violence, is naturally prohibited. Also prohibited is the use of racist or offensive pictures or those of an advertising nature.

3. Personal description
Give a realistic impression of yourself. The content in your profile and messages should not create unrealistic expectations you cannot meet at a personal meeting. Profiles containing clearly false information will be deleted by us and not suggested to other members.

4. Message style
When looking for a partner your writing style is important. Your expression reveals much about you, so think about the impression your messages leave. Consider the following when sending messages to potential partners:
• Take your time when you write to give the best impression of yourself
• Make every message you send individual
• Write with usual consideration of writing rules
• Remember that using offensive language is prohibited

5. Tone

While the internet is anonymous, you speak with real and potential partners. The apparent distance given by the internet does not permit rudeness or otherwise inappropriate messages. Simply treat others how you would like to be treated, and don’t lose control or be inappropriate in conversations with other members.

6. Avoid misunderstandings

During the first stages of contact, be sensible with humour and sarcasm. Consider how your comments can be interpreted; your partner does not yet fully know you, and misunderstandings can happen in conversations lacking physical interaction.

7. Handling personal information

Don’t be too quick to share your personal information or ask for your partner’s. We often have a tendency to share intimate details when a message exchange looks promising, but try to ask yourself whether you would be as open meeting in person.

8. Ending contact

If you have no interest in further contact with a member, let them know politely. A short honest message allows them to continue their search without a long wait. If you receive such a message, respect the decision and do not send more messages to this user.

9. Privacy

Messages should be kept confidential. Only with the permission of the sender should communication be shared with a third party

10. Real/cyber/cam/phone sex requests etc. are strictly prohibited

11. Objectionable content

Violent, racist, politically extremist, sexist, vulgar or otherwise objectionable content, or material that injures, offends, causes or threatens harm to other individuals or groups is not tolerated.

12. Report rogue users

ELITESINGLES protects you by manually approving profiles and using automated processes that eliminate spam and fake profiles. Nevertheless, it is sometimes possible that inappropriate content is not immediately seen, and we appreciate your help in maintaining the quality of the site by notifying us when users do not adhere to these guidelines. Abuse of the report function may lead to a block being placed on the account

Consequences for violations of the code of conduct
All content given by members is checked and, if necessary, violations of the aforementioned guidelines are treated accordingly. Breaches of this code of conduct or the terms and conditions will bring a warning or immediate deletion of the profile at our discretion, and can result in further legal action.