How does our matchmaking system work?

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Successful dating is achieved by meeting someone genuinely compatible with your lifestyle and dating ambition. To ensure your long-term dating success, EliteSingles’ smart profiling system uses both a personality profile and individual search preferences to ensure we suggest the right partners.

Here we introduce the main factors we consider to provide a smooth browsing experience, so that you can discover if EliteSingles matchmaking is right for you.

Identifying and matching your personal profile

Part of the matchmaking process is our personality test, based on the “Five Factor Model” of personality traits, one of the central concepts of psychology in use since the 1980s. Using this questionnaire tells us about what makes you unique and allows us to consider what you look for in a relationship. View this at any time in your profile under “Personality Profile”.

By comparing your profile with those of thousands of other members, we identify others who complement your personality and suggest between 3-7 per day. This means those we suggest fit with both your search criteria and personality, providing a simple browsing experience so you can focus on dating.

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Matchmaking using your preferences

EliteSingles delivers recommendations based on a number of factors. The initial questionnaire, about two-thirds of the registration process, tells us about your traits, values and likely behaviour, creating the personality profile we use to introduce you to other users. While this is one part of the process, it does not end with simply comparing profiles.

The remaining third focuses on your expectations of a partner and important socio-demographic criteria. Your personal relationship goals are consequently noted closely when we offer suggestions. You may set relationship preferences and emphasise their relative importance, meaning that your dating dealbreakers are met. These include, for instance, the preferred age of your partner, their potential distance, and their desire to have children.

Individual preferences such as a partner‘s level of education are important determinants of a successful relationship, so naturally your preferences will be closely considered in the process, meaning the profiles you scroll through are condensed into those most in line with your needs. While the personality questionnaire may not be re-taken, you may alter your personal criteria at any time, and may choose to do so to receive more suggestions from us.

Activity on the platform

We will facilitate your partner search by only suggesting active users of EliteSingles. Those who have not logged in for a while, or not contacted other members, are excluded from our matchmaking suggestions, even if they might match your profile and preferences well. This filtering is an important part of matchmaking and means our recommendations to you are all active singles, and not those who have already found someone special.

Fully completed profiles are rewarded

EliteSingles matching is also affected by how far your profile is complete, and we reward users who optimise use of their profiles, by suggesting to those who share the most information equally meaningful profiles. To give yourself the best chance of finding someone wonderful, take the time to answer all of the questions and make sure to upload some profile photos.

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For us, successful matchmaking relies on clear compatibility based on a combination of personality and preferences. Our test and individual control over the process means that users browse through others with good relationship prospects, so time is not wasted on unsuitable profiles. Combined with a membership base curated to ensure genuinity, people can search with confidence on EliteSingles.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or write to us at [email protected]

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