Survey reveals: Irish rugby fans are hot!

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Rugby can help you score: survey reveals that Irish singles want to date rugby fans! Those looking for love this spring might do well to brush up their ball-handling skills: a new survey has revealed that more than half of singles want to date someone who is excited about the Rugby World Cup.

  • 58% of singles want to date a rugby fan
  • 80% of women, 78% of men find rugby fans interesting or sexy
  • Although the Irish love rugby, South Africa has the highest percentage of rugby-mad singles
  • Conor Murray is officially the sexiest Irish rugby player

The survey asked 2400 men and women what they think about dating, love – and rugby.

The results spoke for themselves: 58% of singles revealed that they would most like to date ‘’someone who is really passionate about rugby.’’ In comparison, 31% of singles surveyed said they’d like to date someone who is into other sports than rugby and just 12% admitted to preferring those who hate all sport. Rugby, it seems, is the truly beautiful game.

Moreover, this desire to date a rugby fan was something shared by men and women alike. In fact, women even seemed slightly more enthusiastic than the men, with 80% of women surveyed indicating that they find rugby fans interesting or sexy (as opposed to the 78% of men who thought the same).

In Ireland the bandwagon boost when the rugby world cup is on is fairly dramatic, with support going from 51% to 88% during the RWC. The Irish are, however, pipped at the posts by South African enthusiasts, whose support goes from 55% to a whopping 92% in World Cup fever.

So how can a rugby-mad single make the most of this RWC fervour? Well, the best way to impress a rugby fan – according to the survey – is to know the rules. In fact, 41% of singles would find themselves swooning over someone who can explain the finer points of an uncontested scrum or call a yellow card before the ref has raised his whistle.

Another way is to simply be Conor Murray. Indeed, no matter which team lifts the trophy on the 31st October, Conor Murray can be happy in the knowledge that he’s already won one major victory – the survey saw singles voting him the sexiest of all the Irish players at the Rugby World Cup.

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